Why Advertise in The Senior Voice?


The Senior Voice has been published since 1980.  Advertisers choose the Senior Voice because it offers affordable ways to reach a targeted consumer group with high spendable incomes. It allows advertisers to reach over 100,000 of those  consumers in the Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland  areas through a single publication without having to advertise in separate publications in each market.

Reader Credibility

The Senior Voice is an award-winning newspaper that has built credibility with readers for many years, and advertisers know the value of that. The average age of our readers is 51; they attended college, own their homes, and travel often, according to our surveys.

Scarborough researchers say 75 percent of those consumers read newspapers. USA Today Newspaper says they spend more on products and services than any other age group.

Professional Advertising Services

For over 30 years, Advertising Director Wolfgang Lambdin has helped local businesses make their advertising dollars count by reaching this select group of consumers. He knows them well  and what kinds of advertisements get responses.

Contact Wolf today, and let him help your business reach over 100,000 buyers you want.


Wolf Lambdin, Advertising Director
970-229-9204  |  wolf@theseniorvoice.net