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  • Small group of campers in the late 1800s near Estes Park. Photo Estes History Museum.
    Mountain Stories

    In 1855 an Irish aristocrat, Lord Gore, organized a lavish hunting party through what later became Rocky Mountain National Park, and Indians stripped him naked for the senseless slaughter...

    • November 1, 2015
  • okeeffe
    The Taos Artists Georgia O’Keeffe

        She was born a Wisconsin farm girl in 1887, and one of her paintings recently sold for over $44 million. She became the most famous member of...

    • November 1, 2015
  • Dr. Angell. Photo NE Journal of Medicine.
    The Truth About Drug Companies

      They use their wealth and power to overcome every institution that might stand in their way, including the U.S. Congress. See what one of America’s best health researchers...

    • November 1, 2015
  • ourriver
    What’s Happening to Our River?

    The Colorado River—the most important water source for over 40 million people in the West—is being drained. Read what experts say on page 10 of the November issue.

    • November 1, 2015
  • OldWest
    The Old West

    In 1833, William Stewart saw the Old West in America before civilization changed it. He took along an artist who did some of the first  paintings of the West....

    • October 3, 2015
  • EstesPark
    Estes Park Pioneers

    In 1884, William Hallett thought he was a goner when he fell into a glacier crevasse above Estes Park. He later became the star climber of the Rocky Mountain...

    • October 3, 2015
  • 32751617_s
    Healthcare Change

    The government now requires doctors and hospitals to use over 100,000 new codes to describe patients’ illnesses. Critics say the change can cause errors, delay treatments, and create other...

    • October 2, 2015
  • diagnosis
    Wrong Diagnoses

    Almost every American will experience a medical diagnostic error. They account for hundreds of thousands of adverse events in hospitals every year. Story on page 12.  

    • October 2, 2015
  • Cameron Pass summit. Senior Voice photo by Bill Lambdin.
    Scenic Drive

    This Scenic Drive goes up the Poudre River canyon, over 10,276-foot Cameron Pass, and along wilderness areas to the best  moose viewing region in Colorado. Page 2 in the...

    • September 1, 2015
  • ChaplanFace
    She Married Charlie Chaplin

    Did you know a Wyoming girl caused a scandal when she divorced Chaplin and caused another scandal when she had an affair with the future king of England? See...

    • September 1, 2015